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General Scope

VI Document Generator (Vidgen) takes Databases and SVG files (containing text, pictures, and paths) allows their logical marriage within any web browser and merges these to create dynamically printed documents with use of SVG, PHP, and mySQL.

Vidgen is an open source project hosted by Source Forge. The project belongs in the Open Source Printing Foundry and PHP Foundry. The software runs on any web server (OS Independent) enabled with PHP and mySQL.

Intended Workflow

This workflow illustrates the testing, requirement, and normal operation and usage outline for VIDGEN Version 1.

  1. Adobe Illustrator document with all fonts and image embedded. Layers are intended to be versions. Intended variable words and strings will also be marked.
  2. A.I. document saved as SVG
  3. SVG** loaded through web browser to VIDGEN
  4. Database loaded throught web browser to VIDGEN
  5. Document and data married within online interface
  6. Document can be viewed for proof as SVG
  7. Job resources are created as package to be placed on print server
  8. --or-- Job is spooled to one large file
SVG** the VIDGEN project will conform to w3c's current SVG1.1 standard (found here) all emitters of this version may be used in conjunction with vidgen1--not just Adobe Illustrator.

10/23/2003 release date

The target release date for the first stable version of vidgen1 is early May 2004. An announcement will be made at the printing trade show Drupa , the world's largest Printing Trade Show.

08/25/2003 Stern5 joins VIDGEN

A founder of Stern5,, a prestigious leader in Web, Print, and Motion, has started work on the VI Document Generator Project.

05/27/2003 VIDGEN1 files on CVS

VIDGEN Version 1 has started to take shape. Files have been posted to the sourceforge CVS. Browse the CVS On the same note, VIDGEN is looking for team members. Do not miss out on this great chance!

05/22/2003 VIDGEN chooses "open"

After weeks of pondering the future of this project licencing (now GNU GPL) and manner of development, VIDGEN founder Brian Ray decides to make it open-source. This comes to great surprise to many who once planned on helping with the project. Other developers origin is from a very private and coveted industry, digital printing.

Supported Output Formats:

Postscript (2 or 3)
EPS (3)
PDF (x/1a or 1.4)
Xerox VIPP Version 4.0
  • -Native Mode
  • -line Mode
  • -projects
PPML and PDF (PPML/VDX) CGATS.20 - 2002
  • -spooled
  • -referenced
HP-Indigo's (PPML)
Solution Resources   
Project Host SVG standard Logo W3 Logo
Language Database
php mysql
SVG Solutions W3C has recently posted the a working draft for SVGprint. VIDGEN takes SVG and connects it with a database and outputs it in one of many formats. One of these formats will definitely be SVGprint when the standard is finished.
Check out the draft... ...
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